Sunday 20th July: St Andrew’s Leytonstone and St Michael and All Angels Enfield

All the usual Sunday morning fuss for me, but I got to St Andrew’s in time for the 9.15 choir rehearsal, and Clive and Jo both made it before the end of same. Having a couple of extra voices meant we sang the anthem unaccompanied rather than relying on the organ to fill the lower parts. In what was to become a very familiar situation, there was a bit of confusion over the whereabouts of the fabric pen for our shirts, and packing up the bicycles took longer than anticipated, but soon enough we were away… to Pete’s house. He joined us for the run up to Enfield and it’s a good thing, too, as he sorted out a dodgy seat clamp on my bicycle and some rubbing brake and gear cables on Jo’s.

Going to Enfield was a nice journey, an easy journey, mostly on towpaths along the River Lea, which wasn’t as crowded as it has been sometimes. That was a good thing: I’d injured my right knee rather badly the previous week, so had to take things fairly gently. Once we got as far as Ponders End there was a cycle route signposted most of the way to the station, but it wasn’t always easy to see the signs as they were often hidden by foliage or, sometimes, other signs. But we got to St Michael and All Angels in plenty of time. Pete went back to London: it was his wife’s birthday on the 21st, and he wanted to be around for it, which is fair enough. And he still needed to sort out one or two things on his bicycle…

Sung Compline at St Michael and All Angels was lovely: it had started to get cloudy and the light inside the church was enough to read by, just, but dark enough that the candle-light was very effective. A busy confirmation service that morning meant more people than usual had been told there would be sung Compline, and the turnout was good. Afterward we cycled on to the curate Karen’s house as she was hosting us; there are some hills in the way and I did have to walk up some of them despite the clouds threatening rain. Minutes after we arrived and got bicycles and gear under cover, the heavens opened! Dinner and conversation were plentiful and good, and we were fed a hearty breakfast the next morning. It was an excellent start.


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